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Our Design & Culinary Center

San Francisco

The best way to experience a Dacor is to get immersed in the details. And that's precisely what Dacor's Design & Culinary Center is designed to do. Inform, inspire, and entertain by engaging all your senses.

Discover your kitchen.

With a breathtaking array of Dacor products on our floor, everywhere you look is bound to inspire you to create the kitchen you've only dreamed about.

Discover the difference.

You'll never fully appreciate a Dacor until you feel the difference for yourself. Come by and discover what it's like to truly melt chocolate with our SimmerSear™ Burners. Or how Pure Convection™ technology distributes oven heat evenly from top to bottom.

Discover the details.

Every detail of a Dacor exists for a reason. Which is why we offer classes that teach all-comers how to use their new appliances to their fullest potential.

Discover your passion.

Get more joy out of cooking by spending an entertaining session with one of our renowned guest chefs. You'll not only get to pick their brains. You'll also get to eat what they prepare.

For a one-on-one consultation with our Design & Culinary Center manager, give us a call.

Dacor's Design & Culinary Center is also available for private events and group cooking classes.

Meet our showroom manager

Charlene Rouspil - Showroom Manager

Charlene Rouspil

Charlene Rouspil was born into a family of passionate San Francisco cooks, so it's no accident that her career has always revolved around food.

In addition to teaching cooking classes, catering, and event planning, Charlene operated a successful product demonstration business catering to manufacturers of high-end cookware, cutlery, small appliances, and gourmet foods across Northern California. This journey eventually led her to Dacor, where she has created an environment that combines her love of cooking with an understanding of kitchen design and the technical aspects of appliances.

Charlene continues to expand her culinary skills by featuring nationally acclaimed guest chef/instructors at our Design & Culinary Center and participating in advanced cooking classes both here and abroad. She also maintains active membership in numerous professional culinary and kitchen design organizations.

Charlene welcomes you to our Design & Culinary Center as part of our extended family, and invites you to explore all the fabulous options Dacor offers.

Dacor Design & Culinary Center
871 Dubuque Avenue
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Tel: (650) 624-8283
Fax: (650) 624-8285
Contact: Charlene Rouspil
Email: sanfranciscoshowroom@dacor.com
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