Discovery™ iQ 30" Single Wall Ovens

It's the small strokes of genius that set our ovens apart. Genius like multiple cooking modes for greater precision. Or baffle filters that circulate air so flavors don't transfer. Or the truly remarkable Discovery iQ remote app to access your oven from your smart phone.

All of it designed to make your cooking experience that much simpler, that much more productive, and that much more enjoyable. 
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  • Discovery™ iQ 30
    Discovery™ iQ 30" Double Wall Ovens
  • Renaissance® 30
    Renaissance® 30"/27" Double Wall Ovens
  • Renaissance® 30
    Renaissance® 30"/27" Single Wall Ovens
  • Discovery™ iQ 30
    Discovery™ iQ 30" Single Wall Ovens

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Product Features

  • Exclusive Built-In Electronic Control Panel
    Exclusive Built-In Electronic Control Panel

    powered by Google's intuitive Android™ OS is elegantly designed to include a glass touch panel and a 7" LCD multi touch-screen for enhanced graphics display and simple navigation with the swipe of a finger.

  • ​GreenClean™ Steam Cleaning Technology
    ​GreenClean™ Steam Cleaning Technology

    GreenClean™ steam cleaning technology takes the chore out of cleaning. This feature cleans light build-up in 30 minutes without the use of high heat or harsh chemicals.

  • Hidden Bake Element Design
    Hidden Bake Element Design

    Hidden Bake Element Design and a recessed broil element, give you even more room inside for your larger dishes. They also make cleanup even easier.

More Features

  • ​Dacor's Proprietary Discovery iQ™ Cooking is easy to use and is pre-programmed with a variety of cooking options such as:
    • Guided Cooking - A pre-programmed guide of popular dishes preset to eliminate the guesswork associated with cooking times.
    • Quick Start - Adjusts the temperature and cook time of each oven manually
    • My Modes - Allows the user to program and store custom cooking presets.
    • Dehydrate Mode - An easy and efficient way to dehydrate raw whole fresh foods, preserving the natural nutritional value and taste without using artificial     preservatives.
  • Integrated WiFi Connectivity offers a convenient way to update the iQ application and access the internet including other third party applications available through the Google® Play Store.
  • Bluetooth® Technology allows for a wireless connection between Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Exclusive Four-Part Pure Convection™ System  with fan, convection heating element (2200W), air baffle and convection filter, reduces cooking time, provides superior heat distribution, and eliminates flavor transfer.
  • 4.8 Cubic Feet Oven Cell Capacity to accommodate large dishes and meals.
  • RapidHeat™ Broil Element (3500W) uses an 8-pass radiant ribbon element to broil food quickly and evenly with an almost infinite range of temperatures.
  • 10 Cooking Modes: Pure Convection™, Pure Convection Sear, Convection Bake, Convection Broil, Convection Roast, Surround Bake, Bake, Broil, MAX Broil and Roast.
  • Digital Temperature Probe connects to controls and switches oven into Automatic Hold when desired internal food temperature is reached.
  • Jet Black Porcelain Oven Cell won't discolor.
  • ​7 Rack Positions for multi-rack cooking.
  • 2 GlideRacks™ fully extend out of the oven using a smooth gliding ball bearing system.  Equipped with a convenient handle in front for moving heavier dishes in and out of the oven easily.
  • ​1 Chrome Rack is equipped with a convenient handle in front for a secure grasp.
  • ​Control Features: Delay Timed Cooking, Timed Cooking, Automatic Hold, 10-Key Pad, Clock, Two Timers
  • Dehydrate and Proof settings for more advanced culinary enthusiasts.
  • Automatic Hold switches oven into a keep warm mode when desired cook time is complete so you won't overcook your food.
  • Reverse Air Flow Cooling System keeps oven door temperature comfortable to touch.
  • ​Halogen Lighting provides improved visibility of what's cooking.
  • Self-Cleaning Oven in oven cell.
  • Multiple Design Options: Handle Options:
    • Stainless Steel finish and Epicure® Stainless Steel Handle with Chrome Trim
    • Stainless Steel finish and Flush Stainless Steel Handle
    • All Black Glass with Black Epicure® Handle
  • 100% Recycled Packaging
  • ​American-Made Designed and Manufactured in California


Interior Capacity:
  • 4.8 ft.³
  • Width: 29-7/8"
  • Height: 28-11/16"
  • Depth: 23-1/2"

Please refer to the Planning Guide for more detailed dimensions.
  • Electrical: 240 V, 60 Hz, 30 A
  • GPU: PowerVR SGX 540
  • Screen Type: 7 inch LCD Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen
  • Max Resolution: 800*480
  • CPU Type: Samsung SSPV210 1GHz
  • Core Type: ARM Cortex-A8 ARMv7 Processor rev 2(V7I)
  • RAM/Tecnology: 512 MB DDR2
  • Flash Memory: 16 GB Nand Fast Flash
  • 5dB Speakers
  • Expandable: 32GB Max (Optional SD card - Requires Service Call)
  • Wireless Connection: WIFI (Integrated)
  • Bluetooth® Enabled
Complete Selection:
  • DYO130S - Discovery 30" iQ Single Wall Oven, in Stainless Steel with Chrome Trim
  • DYO130PS - Discovery 30" iQ Single Wall Oven, in Stainless Steel with Pro Style Handle
  • DYO130B - Discovery 30" iQ Single Wall Oven, in Black Glass with Black Handle
  • DYO130PB - Discovery 30" iQ Single Wall Oven, in Black Glass with Stainless Steel Pro Style Handle
  • DYO130FS - Discovery 30" iQ Single Wall Oven, in Stainless Steel with Flush Handle
  • DYO130C - Discovery 30" iQ Single Wall Oven, part of DacorMatch Color System
  • DYO130PC - Discovery 30" iQ Single Wall Oven, part of DacorMatch Color System ships with Color Matching Pro Style Handle (End Caps in Stainless Steel)
  • DYO130FC - Discovery 30" iQ Single Wall Oven, part of DacorMatch Color System, with Flush Handle
  • One year parts and labor



  • ​ARGO30H Oven GlideRack™
    ​ARGO30H Oven GlideRack™

    GlideRack with convenient front handle is designed to fit the Renaissance and Distinctive 30" Wall Ovens (RNO and DTO models) and the Distinctive 30" Gas Range (all models).


  • AORPVR Broil-Roasting Pan Set
    AORPVR Broil-Roasting Pan Set

    This 3-piece accessory gives you the option to grill or roast. The porcelain-finished roaster pan captures any drips so you can grill your favorite fish, poultry, beef or veggies without the mess. The V-Rack handles help you securely remove a roast or turkey from the pan.

    Broil/Roasting Pan with Grill and V-Rack

    Overall Dimensions:

    Depth: 16 1/4"

    Width: 11"

    Height with V-Rack: 4 3/4"

    Height with Grill: 2 3/4"

  • AHOP36/AHOP30/AHOP27/AHOP24 Wall Oven & Warming Drawer Handles
    AHOP36/AHOP30/AHOP27/AHOP24 Wall Oven & Warming Drawer Handles

    Pro Style stainless steel handles are available for installation on Discovery, Renaissance and Distinctive Wall Ovens and Renaissance Warming Drawers. 

    Complete Selection:

    AHOP36 - Pro Style 36" Handle, Stainless Steel
    AHOP30 - Pro Style 30" Handle, Stainless Steel
    AHOP27 - Pro Style 27" Handle, Stainless Steel
    AHOP24 - Pro Style 24" Handle, Stainless Steel

  • ACSRO303 Cookie Sheets
    ACSRO303 Cookie Sheets

    Set of 3.  Designed to fit all Discovery iQ 30" Wall Ovens, Renaissance 30" Wall Ovens, Renaissance 30" Induction Ranges, and Distinctive 30" Gas and Electric Ranges. 

  • ABS16 Baking Stone
    ABS16 Baking Stone

    Imagine fresh artisan bread with a crispy golden exterior and soft, warm bread inside. Dacor’s baking stone provides brick-oven style pizza and breads right in your oven. Made of a composite ceramic, it absorbs heat from the bottom element and spreads it evenly across the surface, for deliciously crispy crusts on all your baked goods. Comes with a Pizza Peel made of wood for easy lifting and handling of crust.

    Baking Stone is designed to fit all Dacor Ranges, all Wall Ovens, all Outdoor Grills.
    Baking Stone dimensions: 16 1/4"W x 14 1/4"D x 1"H
    Pizza Peel dimensions: 12 1/4"W x 22"L x 1/2"D

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