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Optional Grill Accessory for your French Door Refrigerator. 

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AFTKSXS36TS_AFTKSXS30TS Side-by-Side Connecting Trim Kitclick here

Create a single 72" or 60" refrigerator appearance when installing two 36" or 30" Discovery Fully Integrated Bottom Freezer Refrigerator side-by-side.  This trim kit contains:  an interior connecting trim, compressor padding, and a single 72" or 60" compressor grill cover.  For use with DYF36BFTSR/DYF36BFTSL/DYF30BFTSR/DYF30BFTSL.

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ATKDYFCSI Connecting Trimclick here

Create a one-piece appearance for side-by-side installation of bottom compressor and panel ready Discovery Fully Integrated Refrigerators, with an interior connecting trim. For use with DYF36BFBSR/DYF36BFBSL/DYF30BFBSR/DYF30BFBSL/DYF36BFBPR/DYF36BFBPL/DYF30BFBPR/DYF30BFBPL.

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