What type of cabinets will the Epicure® 36” Single Wall Oven fit in?

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What type of cabinets will the Epicure® 36” Single Wall Oven fit in?


A standard 36" wide base cabinet will hold this oven. The oven's overall dimension is exactly 36" wide. Our cut-out dimension of 34 1/2" allows this product to fit between 3/4" thick cabinet sides in 36" wide base cabinets.

Suggested cabinet applications for extra-wide 36" oven

Sink-Base Cabinets 
Cabinet manufacturers produce sink-base cabinets built to hold 33" wide sinks or wider. These cabinets can be modified, either by the manufacturer or by the field installer, to hold the Dacor® ECS136.

Toe-Kick and Base Platform 
Cabinet manufacturers produce materials to field construct a toe-kick and base platform. This structure along with a small top rail and side fillers will allow our ECS136 to sit between two adjacent base cabinets that are installed exactly 36" apart. The small side-mounting trim on each side needs to be approximately 3/4" wide. Once the toe-kick, base platform, side trims, and top rail are mounted to adjacent cabinets, you achieve a "field-built" cabinet opening to receive the Dacor ECS136.

Tall Cabinets 
Cabinet manufacturers produce tall cabinets, which are generally used for pantry, utility, and wall ovens. The standard wall oven tall cabinet will not be large enough to hold the 36" wide oven. A custom cabinet must be ordered with a minimum width of 36". In many product lines, pantry and utility cabinets are produced with width sizes of 24", 30", 33", 36", and 48".

Important Factors in the Construction of tall cabinets are the oven's cut-out opening height from the floor and the support shelf's load-bearing capacity. Ideally, the oven should be installed so that the door, in the open position, is at the same height as the counter. This assists with safe food transfer from the oven to the countertop. We recommend that the bottom of the cut-out opening be 31 1/4" from the floor. The platform supporting this product should hold up to 300 pounds. Stiffeners may be required under a shelf this wide. Shelf support on all four sides will be necessary.